EXPANDED METAL  for architecture

Fratelli Mariani expanded metal is also known as MARIANItech® expanded meshes. This brand was specifically created to provide architectural solutions to architects and designers.

The production of metal mesh for architecture

Our expanded metal meshes are innovative products with best value for money. They can be highly customized according to your technical needs and appearance assignment. They are suitable for multiple metal-working processes, such as bending, curving, cutting, and welding. In particular, they are obtained through expanding of different materials.

Among these, MARIANItech® expanded metals can be produced in:

  • aluminium
  • mild steel
  • pregalvanized steel
  • stainless steel
  • titanium zinc
  • copper
  • brass
  • corten
  • bronze
  • phosphor bronze.

Modern surface treatments can be carried out on these products based on appearance, design and duration over time, such as powder coating, natural and coloured anodizing as well as hot-dip galvanizing. Their durability is guaranteed by the protective finishings available in unlimited colour variations. Other than quality and custom production, you can count on the immediate availability of more than 60,000 sheets of expanded metal, which makes Fratelli Mariani the best-stocked warehouse in Europe. So you will not lose time waiting, nor will you suffer drops in productivity or extended delivery times.


The use of expanded metal mesh for architecture

Each of Fratelli Mariani expanded metal mesh patterns can be used as protection panels with sunscreen effect, railings, as well as for façade cladding, fencing, false ceiling and furniture.

According to their architectural application, the expanded metal meshes guarantee a visual transparency and a partial cover, as well as an alternation between full and empty, curvature and flat elements. All this gives elegance and important soundproof comfort to the environment.

MARIANItech® can provide the expanded metal panels in standard or customized sizes with different design forms. We can also support you in designing the façade cladding up to material supply.

In the following section, you will find all information about expanded metal. In fact, the different types of expanded metal meshes are classified in groups based on shape and configuration. Their patterns provide a unique and creative means of filtering light, while offering a striking visual appearance, through dimensionality and optical illusion. Moreover, their excellent resistance and flexibility of use make the expanded metal an evergreen solid and robust product that does not fear the passing of time.


Expanded metal is eco-friendly  

The expanded mesh may be considered among the greenest metal products on the market today. The metal coil is slit and stretched in one motion, therefore there is no scrap generated in the cold process, in which mechanical energy and cutting blades are used without welding. Therefore, production processes for expanded metal create zero waste, raw material is stretched by up to five times. We save material and, at the same time, we reduce carbon impact as well as environmental damage. This also means lower costs for us and for you if you choose expanded metal for your projects. In fact, a sunshade or a building envelope can greatly reduce interior cooling cost, while maintaining beneficial solar gain for heating cost reduction.

In other words, expanded metal improves the quality of life and makes it more sustainable, balancing the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Finally, expanded metal mesh provides control of heating, cooling and lighting.

Discover all the types of Fratelli Mariani expanded metal meshes, and contact us for personalized advice. Together we will find the right product for your architectural project.

Expanded metal

Product options

The fixing systems provide a variety of solutions for understructures and framing, making the expanded metal ready for installation.

Select from among the different types of understructures for the mounting of expanded metal.