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Non-ferrous metals price in July

In July declining non-ferrous metal prices with nickel exception

In the field of non-ferrous metals, the month of July was affected by a rate of price volatility with a downward trend, after the climate plan was presented by the European Commission last week in Brussels. This affected the prices of metals which have suffered a decline compared to the previous month, with the exception of nickel, which continues its rise.

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Car registrations in June 2021

Registrations on the rise for most of the automotive brands

In June, the number of car registrations in the European Union is growing again. In fact, they increased by 10.4% compared to the same month last year, albeit at a slower pace than in previous months. This is the picture that emerges from the data released by ACEA, the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers.

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Facade cladding and sunscreen: the guide to external solar shading

From the very beginning, man has always sought a solution to protect himself from the rays of sunshine. Today, in residential buildings there is an increasing tendency to favour the use of elements suitable for filtering UV rays, while ensuring the right amount of light and heat, without these becoming unbearable. There are several methods that are used to achieve this goal. Among the various proposals offered by the market, there is one that is becoming very popular, because it combines elegance and functionality. It is the sunscreen, a metal or wooden panel that is applied to the facades to protect homes from sunlight, preventing the passage of excessive heat.

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Non-ferrous metals new price increase in June

The increase in the prices of non-ferrous metals continues

In the field of non-ferrous metals, the rate of price volatility remains high. Furthermore, it is affected by a strong rise in the price of nickel and aluminum in particular, in the face of growing demand and increasingly reduced availability. For this reason, companies in the industrial sector warn to avoid a risk of inflation increase.

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Non-ferrous metals new price increase in May

Non-ferrous metals: new price increase in May

During May, despite the fluctuating trend in prices, there was a new slight general rise in the prices of base metals.

In detail, copper continues its rise above $ 9868 a ton on the London Metal Exchange (LME), an increase of 7.4% compared to April.

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Green building

Green building materials: wood, steel and aluminum

It is now a fact: the fragile balance that sustains our planet is increasingly compromised by the massive and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources by humanity. A large part of the current residential buildings, in fact, consume large amounts of energy and are built with polluting materials, which inevitably degrade both the external and internal environment with significant repercussions on human health. The combination of these negative factors has led to the emergence of a new awareness in terms of social responsibility and sustainability.

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