MARIANItech® wire cloth is an innovative solution for interior design and outdoor cladding projects.

These products are obtained by intersecting wires, which are joined together by welding or weaving. Their appearance is a metal screen, characterized by parallel rows and intersecting columns of wire. We produce wire cloth in a great variety of sizes, shapes and materials, as you can notice scrolling down this page.
Nonetheless, if our existing offer does not satisfy your needs, we can provide you with a complete range of custom solutions to meet your requirements.

Architectural mesh materials

MARIANItech® architectural meshes are manufactured from high quality selected materials, such as:
• stainless steel
• copper
• brass
• bronze
• aluminium
• highly resistant synthetic fibres

Thanks to our experience based on more than 90 years of history, we can offer wire cloth created specifically according to your request. In addition, MARIANItech® gives you the possibility of having the wire cloth in standard or shaped panels, in any shape and dimension.


Fratelli Mariani architectural mesh

We have the best-stocked warehouse in Europe.
This gives you the advantage of being able to count on the immediate availability of more than 1,500,000 m2 of wire mesh.
So you will not lose time waiting, nor will you suffer production delays or long running lead time.

Everytime you need wire cloth, you will find the right solution for your application. Whichever field you work in, we offer, in fact, a fast turnaround, from receiving your enquiry to delivering the goods you need.
Find out all the types of Fratelli Mariani architectural mesh, and contact us for personalized advice. We will suggest you the right product for your architectural project.

Architectural mesh products

Product options

Fixing systems for the different types of offered wire cloth.

The use of specific mounting systems guarantees the correct tensioning of the wire cloth needed for suitable installation.