Hollywood was created in order to satisfy all situations where it is needed to “dress up “ a structure without covering the architectural lines.
Its large mesh provides an extraordinary passage both for air as well as light, the result is great transparency and elegance.

Maglia Mesh
ThicknessTotal ThicknessDimension HmaxWeight Weight Vuoto/Pieno
Front Open Area
Vuoto/Pieno Max
Max Open Area
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2501,5~ 3130002,05,95786
2502~ 3130002,77,95786
2503~ 3130004,111,85786

weight-icon-alu Aluminium    weight-icon-steel Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel; Stainless Steel

Install a shading means using an item that gives the possibility of shielding all or part of the passage of sunlight while allowing the passage of air. Expanded metal is by nature a material that contains these two features, while having the advantage of being able to add an aesthetic and architectural value to each application.

Fixing & Mounting options

The fixing systems provide a variety of solutions for understructures and framing, making the expanded metal ready for installation.

Select from among the different types of understructures for the mounting of expanded metal.