Elegance, privacy, uniqueness, these are the main features of the MARIANItech® Opera mesh line.
Suitable for multiple uses, including façade cladding, fences, balconies and railings.

Maglia Mesh
ThicknessTotal ThicknessDimension HmaxWeight Weight Vuoto/Pieno
Front Open Area
Vuoto/Pieno Max
Max Open Area
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1001,50~ 1430003,409,82467
1002,00~ 1430004,50132467
1003,00~ 1430006,719,52467

weight-icon-alu Aluminium    weight-icon-steel Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel; Stainless Steel

Install a shading means using an item that gives the possibility of shielding all or part of the passage of sunlight while allowing the passage of air. Expanded metal is by nature a material that contains these two features, while having the advantage of being able to add an aesthetic and architectural value to each application.

Fixing & Mounting options

The fixing systems provide a variety of solutions for understructures and framing, making the expanded metal ready for installation.

Select from among the different types of understructures for the mounting of expanded metal.