PICCADILLY expanded metal


Start from an idea, design a profile, create a product: Piccadilly!
Innovative expanded metal with a captivating weave that is suitable for every application.

Mesh LWDxSWD StrandThicknessTotal ThicknessDimension HmaxWeight Alu. Weight M.G.S. Steel Open AreaSend inquiry
115 x 10 mm2,91,508,0 ÷ 10,025002,306,7551
115 x 10 mm2,92,008,0 ÷ 10,025003,009,0051

weight-icon-alu Aluminium    weight-icon-steel Mild Steel, Galvanized Steel; Stainless Steel

Fixing & Mounting options

The fixing systems provide a variety of solutions for understructures and framing, making the expanded metal ready for installation.

Select from among the different types of understructures for the mounting of expanded metal.